Sunday, May 3, 2009

Melanie Acevedo

Love the work of Melanie Acevedo, lifestyle and travel photographer. Such great rooms! These were a few of my favorites...Love the chic look and colors of the first reminds me of a brownstone in Soho.

Isn't that table in the second image picturesque? I also think those two chairs in the bottom image are adorable!as is that sweet, little girl! / *feel free to click on images to enlarge them and see more details.

/all images via her site/


  1. that long dining table is stunning. All ready for a dinner party.

  2. these are lovely photos of a lovely home. so bright and colorful. i lovee it.
    oh and i lovee the girls top in the first/second photo. :]

  3. Great pics, love the long table with the simple benches, so cool!

  4. Lovely photos!! Thanks for sharing. Daisy~


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