Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's About Time!

It's about time I posted something about infant/children's fashions and home decor. I have worked at a fine children's fashion boutique for over 5 years, while attending University. Even though my career has taken off, I still work there on some weekends for the fun of it. (it's called PuddleJumpers) I enjoy giving good service, visiting and seeing children and babies, and selling clothing that I believe in. I absolutely adore children, and find baby and children's fashion and home decor to be so much fun!

There is quite a long list of my favorite brands for children's fashion, and I will certainly be posting a number of posts in the future, but breaking it up as there is far too much to cover. I hope you enjoyI have always had a soft spot for children's fashion and decor, despite not even having children yet. Feel free to of course suggest your favorite brands as well!

Today, I wanted to feature Jottum, one of my very favorite brands, referred to as "simply dutch". The pretty details and outstanding styles are what make this line special to me...and makes me wish I were little again!

/images via their site/


  1. these images are too cute & their line is definitely adorable!

  2. these are the most adorable pictures! :) aw. i lovee all these "little clothes"! :)

  3. Melting! I love those clothes - most of all because they look like children's clothes, not mini adult rock stars or something. Charming.

  4. So charming and lovely. Having 2 boys, I don't have a chance to relish in the sweet girl clothes, but I sure love to ohh and ahhh over them on other little punkins. The best thing I have found for my boys is Mini Boden. They look like little surfer/skater dudes, but the clothes are actually fun for me to mix and match. Actually, my six year old is a little surfer dude, so it's appropriate!

  5. Really cute - the girl in the bottom left image is stunning :)

  6. p.s. I totally agree with Sanity Fair about children looking like children and not 'mini adult rockstars' - awesome way to put it!


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