Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hugh Newell Jacobsen

There are many architects that I like, but only one has my heartand that is Hugh Newell Jacobson, Architect Extraordinaire.

He graduated from Yale University with a Masters in Architecture and began his career (yes, began) after finishing his formal education in 1958. He has won many awards, has been featured in numerous publications, and has created three excellent books of his own. I treasure his books, as he even personally signed one for my Mom and I...

He is incredibly innovative with his designs and is highly sensitive to the landscape in which a structure is designed and created amongst. Before even pondering the design and structure of a home, he often carefully and thoughtfully observes the surrounding area. Is there a view? how does the sun hit the land? what type of trees grow nearby? Everything is considered. Attention to these types of details and the magnitude of learning and researching that he devotes to each project and client is what sets his work apart. I can't get enough of his designs...

I just love and appreciate his use of windows, lack of heavy overhanging on his exteriors, and the unique interior layouts that he designs. Have you seen his work before? /images via his site/


  1. oh man...give me Hugh Newell Jacobson to design my house, sigh...and give me Vicente Wolf to do the interior design, be still my beating heart...I think that would be the ultimate...I have admired them both for many years...ok..and I'd marry either one...imagine the benefits of that ;) I know...these kinds of comments are eventually going to get me into some kind of trouble...wonder what my husband would say lol

  2. too funny! He would definitely laugh...

  3. I really like this man's understated modern vision. I'm a big fan of the classic pitched roof and I'm happy to see another modern man embrace this.

  4. Jacobsen doesn't allow interior designers to "make a statement inside of his statement" which is best because his designs are so tight there is only one way to arrange the furniture (his way).

    Everything that I know about architecture that matters I learned by reading his one-liners in articles and from transcripts of his talks.

    Amazing talent.

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