Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is not design related in the least bit, but I truly need your help! Next week, my family is about to grow. We are acquiring a second dog, and although my Jack Russell is queen bee around our home, she is about to have a little buddy to hang around with. I'm not sure how she will react, but I'm hoping that they will get along in time.

This new addition has has just turned one and she has been living with a family that loves her very much. They purchased her, and thought she would be the perfect lap dog, and a great family companion, but this breed is not meant to be such. The unfortunate part is that there is a little boy who is going to be very, very upset, losing his dog. Of course, nothing could replace the bond between pet and owner, but my parents would like to purchase a gift for him, because they feel horrible taking his beloved pet away. Do you have any idea what to buy/give a seven year old boy? I don't know much about him, except that I believe his family is quite active. If you have any ideas, please share, I could really use some help :)

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  1. Wow that's hard. I have no idea. Why is the dog not working out?

    Can your parents talk to his parents and see what he likes? Maybe you could just get him a giftcard or something to pick out a new toy?

  2. Something distracting - an erector set? Or drums (although that might teach him revenge at an early age). It's such a nice thing to do. I don't think any gift will really make up for it, so distraction is really the goal here it would seem. I agree with Kara - find out what he likes and get something he'll appreciate.

  3. If his parents really did want a lap-dog they could make enquiries with local veterinarians re gentle dogs that their senior clients may no longer able to keep ie: health concerns, moving to sheltered care, death of a loved one etc.

    On more than one occation I was approached by our vet clinic to adopt a perfect pet without a forever home because some misfortune befell the owner.
    Hope this helps.
    Katy from Coldstream

  4. It turns out that this breed of dog is incredibly active and independent, and the parents have a 9-5 job, so they feel that the dog's needs are not being met...I just feel so sorry for that little boy!

    These are great ideas - thanks! The only thing that I came up with was a weekend to a nearby island, more specifically a pass to our province's most incredible museum and Imax theater. My dad was thinking of purchasing a really nice mountain bike...But I like some of these other ideas, thanks again~

    And thanks Anonymous, that's a perfect idea! - makes me want to cry when I think of situations such as these...

  5. OMGOSH, ur getting another puppy! I must come visit!! :D

  6. You know what is horrible about the entire situation? We learned that my Mom is incredibly allergic to her! So we had to give her away yet again - I feel very sorry for this sweet dog...


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