Monday, May 18, 2009

Gilles Nouhaulhac

Current obsession: Gilles Nouhaulhac, Paris. Beyond simply having heart failure over these beautiful, authentic pieces, I also adore their philosophy!

"Taking one’s time is not a luxury of the past. In today’s world, everything is expected to be instant.

And yet time is needed to meet the requirements and standards of high quality which we have set for ourselves : To fashion wooden seat frames respecting the antique originals they are modeled after. To upholster the seats according to the rules of the craft. To add the meticulous finishing touches. Time also, in the showroom to advise you on your choices of materials and colors, so that you will be assured of a harmonious and refined interior.

And so we will continue to work in this manner. For a long time to come…" What do you think of these pieces? There are many, many more to see (I just compiled a few of my very favorite ones), check them out here.

/images and quote via his site/


  1. oh my, I just love the sofa's.

  2. that raspberry pink sofa is the bomb. But I would love the blue for my living room!

  3. I get weak over a well-designed sofa.. I LOVE modern twists to traditional designs!

  4. Me too! Those fabrics are so yummy!

  5. It is all stunning-true investment pieces.

  6. I ve just checked out your link to his site and the chairs are beautiful. You just reminded me that I have an antique settee stored away waiting to be reupholstered in a cool modern fabric. But where to put it?! I'm going to bookmark the site for reference. Thanks for the find!


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