Monday, May 11, 2009

A Fresh Week...

For those who are mothers, I hope you enjoyed a lovely, relaxing weekend, filled with kind words and much appreciation. I hope you had a little (or a lot) of "you" time, as well. I have such respect for mothers and hope to learn as much as possible so I can be a good mother one day...

I am very grateful to have such a loving, giving, and thoughtful mother. She thinks and acts with love and care, and is often too selfless. The two of us are very close, and even though we are mother and daughter, we are also friends and business partners, and can often be mistaken for sisters! I appreciate how I can confide and share anything with her...good or bad, happy or sad...

/images link/


  1. i love these photos.
    they make me happy.
    such gorgeous colors! :)

  2. that comforter or duvet or sheet or whatever the hell it is- is CRAZY AWESOME!! where is it from? and is it 4789878493thousandhundred dollars?

  3. They make me smile too, LenkaLovee :) I think they may be from Designer's Guild - but I'm not 100% sure.

  4. Love the photos. I feel like like the first image today though.


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