Monday, May 25, 2009


I apologize for not posting anything since Friday! This weekend, we hosted my grandparents' surprise 50th wedding anniversary party. (isn't that wonderful?) We wanted the party to be memorable and beautiful, and for my grandparents to feel really special. That's exactly how it turned out...I can't wait to post up pics of the partyI think it turned out quite well. A great deal of people came, which was so amazing, and completely shocked and thrilled my grandparents. I love parties, particularly surprise parties, given for those who deserve it the most. It warms my heart...

My Mom and I had so much fun planning, organizing and decorating for the party! On a sad note, I had posted a few days back, about getting a new dog. Unfortunately, as sweet as she is, my Mom is incredibly allergic to her, so we had to give her away yet again. My brother was and is devastated. I felt horrible for him and the dog, for she has no idea what is happening or why. Now, she is in her new home, with a very large yard, and I'm sure, (and hope!) having the time of her's very difficult for children. They have such honest, pure and open hearts. They offer love so freely. It breaks my own heart...

I hope you had a lovely, full weekend, and that this week is off to a great start!

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  1. How wonderful. I bet your grandparents had a wonderful time. So sad about the dog. We are dog watching one for a couple of weeks soon and I hope my children don't get attached.

  2. oh congrats on the party! 50 years is SO special.


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