Friday, May 29, 2009

Amy Atlas Events

I can't believe I had no idea about this talented lady~ "Amy Atlas’ unique dessert tables have made her a sought-after event planner in New York City. From a very young age, Amy was entertaining for friends and family. By the time she reached college, she had perfected her talent for her signature dessert tables. After several years of working on political campaigns and practicing law, Amy decided to return to her creative passion for entertaining and party planning."

I had to post up my favorite parties that she has done. (although I wish I could show all of her pics from her website) They are great as inspiration and good to keep on file for future reference! Do you have one that you like best?

Do you ever wish you could have five lives at once? Five different careers that you've always wanted to have? While planning my grandparents' 50th, I began to realize just how much I enjoyed creating an event story and decor...looking for the perfect, little details that make all the difference...*sigh* if I only had a few more lives! If you could have five different careers/lives, what would you do?

/images and quote via her site/company found via Beautiful Things to Share/


  1. Wow! what can you say...the pics say it all...I especially love the pretty soft blue with white decorating cupcakes and the display

  2. Pretty!!
    - and I just think I got a cavity from coveting all that candy!

  3. hello! of course i don't mind. thank you for linking back to me. it's funny because i have a post coming up with a link back to you. i found some beautiful images on your blog. actually, your blog is super fabulous! just beautiful and you have great style. keep inspiring! have a great weekend!

    God Bless,

  4. You find THE neatest things to include in your posts.


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