Monday, April 27, 2009


Okay, forgive the cheesy phrase, but these images are amazing! Be still my beating heart! Can a girl get tired of pretty dresses? I think not!

Stills is a Dutch brand that refuses to be dictated to by over-trendy looks. Their pieces are not only timeless but exude a refined gracefulness and elegance. I love the quality fabrics they utilize...their expertise is clearly demonstrated. The styling is always glamorous and the attention to detail in the creativity gives the well tailored, refined pieces their uniqueness. Quite memorable!

/images link/


  1. stunning. I especially adore that first dress:)

  2. drool. dress, girl, makeup, hair...dribbbble drooool.

  3. Gorgeous dresses!!! Love the first two best - so flowy and fabulous!

  4. I am loving the last dress! But all so gorgeous. Daisy~


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