Thursday, April 30, 2009

Single Chairs

I have a serious thing for chairs, particularly unique chairs placed by themselves, singles if you will...whether it be off to one side of a pretty dressing table, or in a library piled high with books and magazines, or even next to the tub. I would love to know, what's your chair style? Do you value vintage or prefer to invest in a new/but to-be classic?

For myself, I have not yet purchased a new chair for the home. My favorite chair is a single, original Louis, in beautiful condition, imported straight from Europeand surprisingly, still has the original hay stuffing! It was my 15th birthday gift. I do not sit on that chair, I do not touch it...I just look at it and love it. It looks best placed with more modern, simple pieces, so as to appreciate its details...

My other favorite chair, was one that I saved. It was sitting on the side of the road, unwanted, preparing to be picked up and trashed, when I got a call on my cell phone on my way home from work. The queen of style & great finds had driven by but was unable to stop and pick it up. It's a solid, retro, modern chair that is in need of some serious TLC. I can see the potential and can't wait to see it after its makeover, though right now it's in quite the sad state. I can't wait to repaint it, get it recovered and give it a new home :)

I also wanted to mention that Maureen, over at Inglenook Decor, posted up a beautiful, must-see chair the other day. She has great taste and has me drooling over this elegant, lady-like piece entitled, "The little black chair".

/image 01 link/image 02 link/image 03 link/image 04 link/image 05 link/image 06 link/image 07 link/


  1. so pretty!! i LOVE that purple, velvety bedroom in the last pic. what a perfect sexy bedroom.

  2. I'm finding myself loving chairs more and more. I would love to have that yellow one in the bathroom! well, two of them!!

  3. What I love most about these pictures is how the chairs stand out because of the monochromatic styling everywhere else! Beautiful!

  4. I love the first and the fifth chairs...although they're all lovely...glad you stopped to grab the's going to be beautiful when it's done!

  5. Beautiful post
    love those chairs

  6. I love chairs that are studded or tufted & in unexpected colors. The yellow one really pops out.

    That's so awesome of you btw to link to my post!:)

  7. No problem, Maureen :) I love your blog and that chair is an amazing find!

  8. I also have a thing for chairs. I received my Eames management chair a couple weeks ago and it is such a bright spot in the room. I go out of my way just to catch another glimpse. I'm pondering what is next...

  9. OoOOOoo! I would love to see a pic/pics of your office space :)


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