Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rachel Whiting

Here's a little inspiration for your weekend...I came across the works of Rachel Whiting and had to post some of my favorite images, though, if you check out her site, I can guarantee you will like most, if not all of them...

"Based in London, Rachel works as a freelance photographer. Since graduating she has spent the past few years working in the photographic industry specialising in the areas of Interiors and Still-Life, whilst maintaining a pesonal interest in Landscape Photography.

Her photographic work is constructed with an inherent aesthetic of simplicity, shape, color and form evident throughout all of her images." Do you recongize her work? (some of it has been featured in Living Etc.!)


  1. Completely lovely. You know, I wish that there was a Stock Photography site full of lovely, soft images. All I seem to find are photographs that look like they were shot under fluorescent lights. Not to mention the styling is so unappealing, I wince. Flickr helps, thank goodness. I have such an appreciation for work such as Rachel's; beautiful.

  2. beautiful images...I love the piece of furniture in the last image...very danish style - a inspiring post - as your always are

  3. that last piece is my fav. too! :)


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