Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Glossy

This morning was such a nice, pleasant morning...a delicious cup of coffee, pretty background music, sunshine, and my fresh, Vogue Paris magazine. Could it possibly get much better than that? Well, perhaps, if I had a few yummy macaroons, but I'm definitely not complaining. (yes, there have been several occasions where I eat dessert for breakfastdarn sweet tooth)

I was flipping through, enjoying all of the stunning haute couture, and thought I would scan some of my favorites, so you could enjoy them as well! This was quite a special issue and had several few pages dedicated to showcasing Chanel (including that fab cover!) and discussing the upcoming film, depicting Coco's eventful life. I was struggling through the French literature, grasping about 30% with my somewhat limited high school French knowledge. I didn't mind so much, the images spoke loud and clear...


  1. so pretty. note to self....GET SCANNER!

  2. I am learning french for my specialist...I can't wait to subscribe to Vogue Paris... :)

    Amazing scans,I am so excited to see the movie :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Vogue Paris is amazing! I encourage you to subscribe...when I was in Paris, I went through many many magazines, some were great but impossible to receive, and some were just alright...French Marie Claire is a nice one as well, if you would like a couple :)

    I was surprised at how well my scanner worked (it's an HP) - All I did was crop the images after importing them, no photoshopping required at all! If you need one, I find HP or Epson to be be fairly nice...

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend as well...

  4. bang on! lol. ive been seeing a lot of different brands being inspired by chanel's signature look, classic tweed jackets, beautiful cardigans. You can pull this look off like no other. forreals. now lets go shop!

  5. paris vogue is one of my favorites

  6. Thanks SO much for sharing! I wouldn't have found these on my own - and I am a huge Chanel fan.


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