Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fro Yo Hot Spots

I've been drooling over Wallpaper* magazine, and not just over the design as per usual, but their feature on "Top Frozen Yogurt Bars". What a yummy topic and I apologize for waking your taste buds! Mmm, fro yo anyone?

According to Wallpaper*, "frozen yoghurt has experienced a stylish coming ofage in the past year. Embraced with particular frenzy in the US, the oncegaudy dessert has traded in its Richard Simmonstype reputation for a stylish new look. From the major players to the emerging locals, here are the names surely on their way to a neighborhood near you." Pretty chic. I think I'm partial to the look of Myberry and Frolick, (isn't that wall amazing?) with their refreshing and modern look and feel. Do you have a favorite?
/image 01 link/ image 02 to 06 and quote link/

*Hot Spot 01 Pinkberry
*Hot Spot 02 Frolick
*Hot Spot 03 Oko
*Hot Spot 04 Myberry


  1. I love the Frolick interior, and how perfectly the name comes together - frozen yogurt, which you lick, and possibly a happy dance resulting from how happy it makes you - Frolick! I love it when something comes together so perfectly :)

  2. I guess if you're in the Vancouver area, and you're craving frozen yogurt...SCOOP on west 4th is another 'cool' spot to go.

  3. I can't wait to check out SCOOP :)
    From walking by, I believe they might have a Myberry kind of look. Mmm...

  4. I LOVE Fro Yo!!!!! Check out my fav Fro You place in DC, Tangy Sweet! Awesome place!

    Love your blog, too!!!!!

  5. Thanks so much! I can't wait to check it out :)


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