Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Cheerful Infusion

I love how a neutral backdrop of walls and/or furniture allows for endless color scheme textural possibilities. It is my favorite way to decorate, when given the chance and the right home/office, of course! If you are likewise a color person, you will also have a hard time selecting or narrowing down a "favorite" color...I love pink. I love aqua, and orange, green, and tangerine, and purple, and red, and the list goes on and cases such as these, I have learned that it's best to stick with lasting, quality, neutral furniture pieces, and accessorize with less expensive and fun items, giving you room to play, and a more relaxed budget to play with.

This also allows you to change up items within your home, whether it be moving a Kelly green vase to your study from the bedroom, or dispersing your array of fun throw pillows from the living room to the dining room chairs. Sometimes even the simplest of switches can inspire a new vignette or offer a fresh look. Personally, during the winter, I tend to accessorize my space with deep gray taffeta pillows and a single additional color. In summer, I coordinate a pretty aqua, bits of orange, and a vibrant magenta (think hot pink). Instantly feels like a new room!

This doesn't mean that having colored furniture will not allow this, but a neutral backdrop will simply offer more flexibility in the long run. It' easy to achieve...even just a simple bouquet of fresh flowers, or touches of wallpaper, colorful espresso cups, paint (ie. mirrors) can turn a dull space into a vibrant and inviting space!

P.S I think hanging multi-curtains is such an awesome and unique idea...
I would like to try it out somewhere!

/image 01 link/ image 02 link/ image 03 link/ image 04 link/ image 05 link/ image 06 link/ image 07 link/ image 08 link/


  1. Very inspiring post Sarah! Thanks for sharing...

  2. i love the picture with the multicolored curtains! so gorgeous!

  3. once again great inspiration for my home! I really love the third one! <3

  4. I think the multi colored curtains would work well in my dining room..... love the colours

  5. great advise, i totally agree. I also always try to make the back drop neutral & go bold with the accessories.

  6. The picture with the filing cabinet as an end table? I have that saved in my 'decor inspiration' folder. I need to get my designer's approval, but I've thought about doing that. By the way, did you ever decide on the filing cabinet for you? You may have mentioned it already, I'm going through your posts that I have not yet read.


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