Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SieMatic Kitchens

SieMatic kitchens are a dream...For those of you who find most kitchens to be cookie— cutter in style you will totally appreciate this! It's rare that I come across a company that continually produces beautiful kitchens with such fine details. I just love their designs, particularly the first, with the build in cabinetry/gallery wall and the central table. To me, it's elegance meets casual. Comfortable, yet very chic! Click to watch the video below, it describes their BeauxArts collection in more depth. (my fav. collection)


Here's a bit more about them, their beliefs and promise: "The kitchen is not only a place in which personal taste can be celebrated to your heart´s desire in the culinary sense. Creativity also has great scope for planning and designing your living space—regardless of the space available. Those who regard the kitchen as a central living space, are looking for inspiration and individual ideas under both the functional as well as the aesthetic aspects. Just like we are. Since our company was founded in 1929, we are always keen to build exemplary kitchens, to perfect our quality, and constantly expand our repertoire of possibilities, in order to develop even more individualized solutions. What connects us to our customers is the desire for new, personal and unique creations. All across the world." These kitchens make me want to cook a beautiful, delicious dinner! /images, quotes and video via their site.


  1. I want all the kitchens :) these are so lovely and calm

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  4. Love it. The black hooks board (not sure exactly what it is called) with the display above looks fantastic. Trying to get some of these kind of features into our new bathroom and laundry but have to convince Hubby. Hope you are having a great weekend. Gx


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