Monday, March 2, 2009

Lorick, New York

I came across their Spring 2009 collection via and had to show off these beautiful pieces! I want to slip into one of those pretty dresses, don some lovely gloves, grab my little handbag, and go watch a horse race...or perhaps go on a romantic date, eat cheesecake, and walk around the city at night, peering in all the sweet shops...either one.

Go to their beautiful, interactive website here. /all images via their site.
Add a clutch from Club Monaco to complete the romantic look.


  1. I love the Lorick collection. So pretty and girly!!

    Amazing blog!


  2. absolutely beautiful pieces, and you have such a nice blog! Really love the collection and your posts!


  3. lorrick is one of my favorite fashion brands to come out recently. Her clothes on gossip girl are amazing! :D

  4. Esther, I've been desperately trying to email you but it keeps failing :( much to say, particularly about my internet connection last night, or lack thereof!

    Thanks Birgit + Stephanie :)

  5. Absolutely love love love this post! You have such a beautiful eye!

    Thank you so much for your comment! You put a little pep in my step and I appreciate your support!

    The wedding was beautiful. Now I'm just sorting and editing through all my photos so I can send them on. How's life treating you?

    Have an amazing week!

  6. My week has been wonderful and full of little surprises, but all good! I can't wait to see the rest of the pics :)


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