Saturday, March 14, 2009

Linnea's Lights

I just adore the double wicked, beautifully scented candles from Linnea's Lights. They offer exceptional soy candles, that have been hand-poured and carefully created in small batches to ensure the highest quality. I have to say, I am also very impressed with the attention to detail. Each well-designed box contains substantial tissue wrapped candles and my favorite feature, a mini case of matches, so you never have to search for matches! It's details like this that make a company stand out and make such an impression on their customers. (like me) I have been enjoying Lyndan Rose, Cashmere, and Lemon Verbena...just divine!

They have recently launched their site, which showcases the different scents (a wide selection), retailers, online shops, contact information and more. I highly recommend their product and have been pleased with the excellent service I have received. Ideal as gifts, just slip a card in and you're done! (they provide a beautiful presentation) Or gift yourself! To check out their site or to purchase online, click here.


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