Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hello Spring!

Hope you all had a terrific weekend—the very first weekend of spring. I was checking out some of my favorite blogs this weekend, and I came across a great post by Cassandra of Coco & Kelley that I thought I would share. She had posted a cozy room via Inside Out Magazine, and was suggesting some fun ways in which is make the space more spring like—check it out here. Time to say goodbye dreary, rainy days and hello spring and sunshine! I'm really looking forward to fresh flowers, breezy evenings and dinners in the courtyard. Here are a few simple tips and tricks that I use to make my space fresh and spring ready...

This makes the space more light and airy. Open your window and enjoy the whimsical look. Instantly romantic!

There's nothing like fresh, cheery flowers or green grasses to bring a bit of spring into one's home. Sticks, pine cones, and the like are great in fall but not so fresh for spring. Generally, I let nature tell me what to bring into my house for each season.

A bright colored vase, candles, lampshade, or throw can easily transform a space from calm and serene to vibrant and fun.

Clear Your Space
In general, I tend to add more accessories during the winter for a nice, cozy effect and take away clutter for the spring/summer seasons. Be it putting up your thick, heavy, velvet curtains and replacing them with linen for summer. Or maybe just subtracting a few knick knacks will do the trick. You will end up with such a fresh, new and clean appearance. It's good to change things up and circulate your accessories and your look.

Showcase Your Goods
Feel free to showcase that pretty spring purse on your shelf or hang up that gorgeous, new dress you've bought and is just hanging in your closet, waiting to be worn.

*On a side note, I have had a few people email me to let me know that unfortunately, for some reason, they are unable to view my blog. I'm trying to sort out the problem but not yet sure why it's occurring...if possible, please leave me a quick little comment or even just a simple "Hi" to let me know you can see my blog. Hope to get this fixed up a.s.a.p!

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  1. I love the third row of pictures!! really wonderful! your blog is so great!

  2. great tips! spring reminds me of a chic those lucite chairs & the cupcakes look as yummy as french macaroons:)

  3. Very refreshing--love the cushions in the Ghost chairs...judy

  4. Lovely! Wonderfully light and airy. Makes me wish for a trip to Paris....

  5. I, too, love those ghost chairs + the colors.

    Yes, some of your posts are not showing up on my Google Reader the day you post them. The other day 3 or 4 showed up at once. I'm still getting all your posts b/c I'm checking often. We, too, are having problems with people being able to subscribe to our blog via Google Reader. Hopefully, the blog designer can fix that glitch.

  6. I would love one Lucite/Ghost chair for my office. Does anyone know of a place where I could purchase one? (something around the mid-range, price wise)

    I apologize for the troubles :( This is also occurring with my boyfriend's blog but neither one of us can figure out what the problem might be.

  7. I think that would look fabulous in your office. From what I've seen, most sites list them for $410. But, MoMA members can get them for $328. That pays for the membership, at least!

    This site lists for $375, but I didn't compare shipping:

  8. oOooOo thanks for the link, Cakewalk :)


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