Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great News!

This past weekend, I had mentioned that I was bidding on a vintage navy, double breasted military/nautical style jacket. Well, great news, I won the bid! A huge thank you to those who crossed their fingers along with me! I'm so excited about this unique addition to my wardrobe and I will patiently await its arrival...

While daydreaming about my victory today, I began thinking about classic pieces and timeless styles—the kind you want to keep and treasure forever/ "lifers" as I have often heard them referred to as. I find that Ralph Lauren continuously exemplifies what I believe to be the epitome of timeless style. One of his newest collections, "Modern Equestrian", has recently launched for spring '09 and offers a bounty of surprising goodies for the home, fun gifts and even some more personal items. I really appreciate how they have showcased this collection and I believe it to be one of their strongest yet! To go to their site and see more, click here. /images via Ralph Lauren


  1. congrats on the win! hope you post it.

  2. Ruby would love this post :) RL is her fav...I like how so many of his pieces feel like an old shoe, or vintage jacket ;)

  3. I will def. post it up :) I can't wait to receive it!


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