Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fab Finds

Today, my mom went in search of a great vintage or antique desk for our office, for the wonderful lady that works for hour or so later, we ended up leaving the store with several great finds. None of which was a desk. My mom found an amazingly cute and useful antique glass jar, similar to Rachel Ashwell's here/ but my Mom's has beautiful details on top such as an additional, smaller crown and type details. For myself, I found soft pink gloves with pretty, dainty details. I can see them with a pretty little dress this spring!

But then, just before we were about to leave, I caught a glimpse of white fur amongst a large rack of tightly packed vintage clothing. The kind of fur that is so soft and luxurious, the kind you want to cozy up in. (just like these pics) Out of the mass, I pulled out the most stunning white fur coat I have seen, with an oversized collar, extra large button at the front, cropped ideally at the hip line, with widely cut sleeves. Let me tell you, I just knew. I knew it would fit and I knew it was mine. And it did. Perfectly, in fact! I couldn't believe my luck/fate. I like how timeless and haute fur coats are, particularly this one...will post a pic. as soon as I can!

Just one question for you though, my fashionable friends:
Do you think it's okay to wear fur right now? In March? There's a chance of snow here and it's quite cold still. Please let me know your thoughts~

*For those of you who are anti-fur, I'm sorry if this post has offended you.
/images link here.


  1. It was made just for you! Again, something found you. You had no choice... And, to answer your question, it IS still winter (ok, for 3 more days). And, you ARE in Canada. If I had that beautiful coat and a place to wear it, I think I would have been wearing it here in Houston 3 days ago!

  2. when you find the perfect thing you've got to grab it regardless of season, otherwise you'll regret it!

  3. It's in the 70's here this week so probably not:)

  4. I think you can wear it if it gets cold enough--can't wait to see pics. judy

  5. I have looked forward to your blog each day. You have have gifted eye for beautiful images. Your recent post has left me saddened and disappointed.

    Perhaps if you lived at the edge of a forest as I do you would have a natural connection with the animals that suffer and die to supply the fur industry.

    I have had the rare and magical privilege of watching a silent lynx stepping gingerly along the crust of snow folding over the creek below my studio. In your heart you must know that this beautiful,sentient creature brings more beauty to the world alive than as a fashion statement.

  6. Can't wait to see you in the vintage fur. I'm glad you prefer to recycle than have it dumped in a me that is fashion forward thinking!


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