Monday, March 23, 2009

Dress Up!

I came across this great, new, online shop and had to share! "Sunday Brunch"—Take time to slow down and dress up! I love their concept and attitude towards dressing up. It's quite refreshing. They offer some great brands such as Lorick, Mimi Turner, Kloset, and more.

Heidi Merrick Traveling Dress
"Is it a dress? Is it a light spring coat? Is it now our favorite thing to layer over everything? Yes, yes and yes! For the latter, leave unbuttoned and throw over that old dress you wore to death, add a belt and voila! That old dress is good as new. Buttery white linen lined with silk habutai and finished off with big buttons and pockets! This is what one calls a “closet staple.” It’s not called the Traveling dress for nothing."

"Heidi Merrick Aunt Judy Dress"
I love the old-Hollywood look of this beautiful dress. "Silk Chiffon never looked as good as it does in this bright blood orange hue and ruffle collar. Fun, sophisticated, classic, romantic, you are all these things, Aunt Judy! Wear over a slinky slip, or be bold and show off a pretty bra and tap pants. Did I mention the pockets? I promised magic from Heidi Merrick, and she delivered." I'll take one in orange, please~

/images and quotes via their site.


  1. Looove the blue dress, the color and the pattern are wonderfull!!

  2. love the entire first outfit! and the second too :)

  3. i LOVE LOVE that orange dress! oh man! i would wear the hell out of that dress. i love the idea of sexy bra and tap pants. but i am afraid my ginormous bra straps (used to keep my ginormous boobs from grazing my waist)would be a bit too obvious. love it though.


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