Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful & Functional

I believe you can never have too much storage! My advice is: anticipate for the future, whether it be business growth, your dvd collection, library, or your closet. It is best to assume that you will need more space beforehand as one day you may find your room/place over-stuffed and yourself frustrated, pulling your hair out, as a result.

These are a few of my favorite storage options...both large and small, functional yet appealing...and for those of us with more limited space, for we may not have endless walk-ins and a large butler's pantry, we have to find feasible, alternative solutions that are pleasing to the eye and keep our goods in check. On a side note, I think that birdhouse turned nightstand has to be the cutest sidetable I have ever seen! Hope these images help and inspire... /image 01 link/image 02 link/image 03 link/image 04 link/image 05 link/image 06 link/image 07 link/image 08 link.


  1. That 2nd and 3rd image make me melt.

  2. The birdcage nightstand is adorable! And I love the idea of using stacked up vintage suitcases as decor - just need to go hunting for some now.

  3. I love the first 7 pictures.. totally my style! xx

  4. Vintage suitcases are awesome! They can be shifted and used in so many places around the house or even office. My mom was given a very large suitcase/trunk and used it as a coffee table in our family room...she just added glass to the top - looked amazing.


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