Friday, March 27, 2009

Anna Kern, Etc.

Happy Friday! This week has flown by...has it also for you? I have a few interesting links for you to check out today...

Some great photography by Anna Kern, (above pics) who lives in Sweden. She has a keen eye for style and composition. She photographs people, interiors and food. Love the large bird cages! A trio of cages like these with candles inside would be pretty on a patio.../images via her site.

I also came across Macaroon wall decals...yes, you are reading this correctly. Macaroon lovers beware, these are very cute! To check them out, click here.

The Ghost lucite chair is amazing...and I love trends, but is this going too far? Click here to see! Have a wonderful day~


  1. the two pics with the green make me yearn for summer...beautiful...all of the images....

  2. How do the swedish manage to be so simple and stylish at the same time? I'm always in awe. Beautuful post..judy

  3. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting my'm going to enjoy browsing your blog...amazing stuff here !!! thanks again!


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