Sunday, March 8, 2009

50's Fashion

Fashion from the 50's was so was glamorous, so chic, so timeless. "Funny Face" starring the incomparable Audrey Hepburn instantly comes to mind when I think 50's fashion. I recall watching it for the first time in my early teens, loving "think pink!" and viewing the Eiffel Tower in all it's glory. It was my Grandma and Mom who introduced me to the world of Audrey, her films, her life. This movie (as well as others) is well loved by the three of us. Beyond feeding my fascination with Paris, I noticed the fashion. Who can resist the structure lines, a tribute to the feminine figure, avant garde styles, and the juxtaposition of bold and soft.

On a side note, does anyone remember that beautiful, little bookshop that Audrey worked in pre-modeling/life changing adventure? Beautiful...with it's wooden shelves, spiral staircase and sliding ladder. I wonder if it's still there! If you haven't had the pleasure of watching this movie, do. It's a must! /image o1 link/image 02 link/image o3 link/image 04 link.


  1. I was absolutely meant to live in that era. Old Movies, love, love. I've had the channel on the Turner Classic Movies station all evening. Trying to make myself sleepy watching this silent film, but the time change has thrown me for a loop. Will be hurting for the 6am wake-up call! Love the images you posted, btw...

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