Saturday, February 7, 2009

Marcus Dipietro, Architect

On a very rare occasion, I have pleasure of coming across an extraordinary architect that completely stops my heart; A visionary, one with outstanding imagination and creativity. That being said, I get a sense that he is very humble about his work and as a person as he seems to favor unassuming, yet beautiful structures over anything overly ostentatious. How refreshing! Shown in the photos, he has carefully selected and created such style— appropriate details and sets each home comfortably and respectfully in its given environment.

I would love to walk through some of these places, particularly the stone seems so inviting. Appearances are deceiving, as the home is quite vast but has the ability to look and remain "cozy" due to the way he has configured and designed the structure. To view more of his amazing work/find out more about him, click here./images via his site.


  1. A most amazing architect...what I love most is his diverse style...he seems to be able to capture his clients beautifully, while still being able to use his vision and gift as an architect...his style seems to be not about himself, but in making each space seem like it's always been there...I'll definitely be bookmarking him for later reference

  2. I would love to actually visit these amazing places~


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