Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beauty + Makeup

To me, it's such a personal thing. I'm forever trying new colors, products, techniques and styles. Being a girl can be so much fun! I was recently emailed and participated in a survey put out by L'Oréal Paris to do with their Double Extend Lash Extension mascara. They were very kind and even sent me an entire beauty kit that contained 2 mascaras, a smoky eyeshadow palette, a liquid liner and brush. I was excited and tried all the products. Loved, loved, loved the liquid liner and eyeshadow! The mascara was tricky for me due to the fact that my eyelashes are extremely blond and thus I need to coat them several times over. With most mascaras, the result is more clumpy than I would like. If I did not have such light eyelashes I feel the mascara would have worked great for me. It's worth a try as it lengthened my lashes and curled wonderfully. But for now, I will stick with my Lancôme mascara...

If you also enjoying trying new makeup, I have some great links that will keep you informed about new makeup as well as other people's experiences with hundreds of beauty products... Makeup Alley has saved me a few times from purchasing products that look gorgeous but performance wise, we're found lacking. Hope these help you out as well!

/Temptalia link
/Makeup Alley link
/01 link
/image 02+ images by Bruno Dayan


  1. hot tamales, the first picture is hot

  2. Agreed, Esther, and a huge thanks for telling me all about Makeup Alley :)

  3. A good mascaras is a pain to find - I've tried it all from Loreal to Chanel. And decided that YSL is the best for me.
    If you have blonde lashes - have you considered getting them semi permanently colored.Although my lashed are pretty dark, I did that for my vacation - so I wouldn't have to wear mascara - and it looked fantastic.

    P.S. You have a stunning blog. I really enjoyed browsing through it :)

  4. Thanks Marta! I was wondering about lash tinting...I have heard success stories as well as some terrifying ones. But I think I will try it! I was considering tinting my brows as well, instead of having to darken them manually.

  5. Gorgeous looks. Wish I had someone to do my hair like this every day :)


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