Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Meyer Davis Studios Inc.

Meyer Davis Studios a full service design firm based in New York and are primarily known for their modern architecture and interior spaces. Their work includes numerous high-end residential homes throughout the United States which includes lofts, townhomes, penthouses, and a variety of interstate and weekend residences. Beyond residential, they have worked on both large and small scale commercial projects such as Oscar de la Renta. Since its conception in 1999, Meyer Davis Studio Inc. has completed over 85 projects. The firm’s work has been showcased in lifestyle and design publications including House & Garden, InteriHouse Beautiful, Town & Country, Esquire, Domino, NewMagazine and The New York Times among other titles. Click here to check out more of their work.


  1. I love that staircase! and the bathroom pictured below it...

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