Thursday, January 15, 2009

La Cerise Sur Le Gateau

I'm really loving this company! What fresh, fun, French-made linens - I'm thinking even these would make cooking and baking more fun for me and possibly entice me to spend some more time, other than making coffee of course, in the kitchen.

Anne Hubert, the woman behind these beauties, lives her life with gusto. "In 1996 she graduated from LISAA (college of applied arts - Paris) and dedicated herself to photo and staging - design. She very soon became particularly fascinated by household linen and started collaborating with experts of high quality linen.

At that time, she had a taste for customizing and in 2005 she launched her own business “La Cerise Sur Le Gateau” (the sherry on the cake) composed of yummy textile items. Her cloths, some basic elements from our grandma’s kitchen sprinkled with flashy touches and quirky images very soon seduced Paris trendy outlets. Little by little, the lines were enriched with new items and offered new accessories. But on the menu the main ingredients remain the same: Fluorescent pink, color contrasts romantic pictures as well as girly references.

As a workaholic Anne Hubert didn’t want to stop there and published with Pauline Ricard-André “The Left Bank Look” (Marabout Editions), a delicious DIY book which stimulates your appetite for customizing. Right away, Japan which is fond of new talents ate her collection all in one gulp! Today Japanese galleries exhibit cushions illustrated with sandals or baby-dolls “nuisettes” pillowcases embellished with loving words or even table cloths & napkins sprinkled with polka dots." You can purchase these linens online from several different sources or in boutiques stores internationally. To find out more, click here.


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