Friday, July 31, 2009

Value or Luxury?

While flipping through the November 2008 issue of Domino magazine, (sometimes one must reminisce! :) I focused my attention on the editor's introduction letter, a written piece on how the very word "luxury" and its meaning has changed over the years in correlation to the ever-changing world and societies; How luxury can refer to something rare, special or unusual, monetary value aside; How it depends on personal preferences, the time in your life and lifestyle. To one, luxury could mean a simple bouquet of wildflowers, to another it could mean a Tiffany's ring. Often, what one finds special/beautiful will define what luxury means to them.

Each design creative involved in producing the magazine wrote a small caption of what luxury means to them. I found many of them interesting, some practical, and some exuberant. Here are a few...

"A place for everything, everything in its place"
"An old-school Leica film camera"
"Not being in a rush."
"A Cartier Love Bracelet."
"A George Smith sofa is like the Birkin bag of home decor. I don't own a Birkin, but I bought a George Smith sofa because I can sit on it every day!"
"Good coffee."
"There's something about the size of everything in Italy. The glass of wine is small and so is the order of spaghetti. Here, everything is too big, which is about value, not luxury."

So now I pose the question, What does luxury mean to you?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, filled with moments of little luxuries...

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  1. At this moment for me, some Elsa Peretti Diamond earrings & Cartier Francaise watch. Sorry, I had to write both of them as I would love to wear them together :)

  2. Luxury means both to me...having time to sit in my garden and relax with friends is a luxury because it can't happen often enough; and being able to purchase a "luxury" item you admire is also fitting...and I love the statement "a place for everything, and everything in its place" it has been my mantra for organization for years. :)

  3. this is off topic but that girl's hair is gorgeous! in my dreams my bangs look like that. haha so maybe a hair day that good would be my luxury? ;)

  4. My definition of luxury is a classic and weighted piece, or a flowing and well sown garment no matter how low or high theprice tag, but the essence it gives out visually.
    *how I miss Domino Mag!*

  5. I think that life's best luxury is having enough time to just sit back and relax... to have the time with yourself and your loved ones. To me time free time is a luxury, one that no money can ever buy.

  6. What a great topic! To me, luxury is something simple and pure that you can enjoy. It could be something cheap like really good dark chocolate, or it could be some designer garment or piece of jewelry that you covet, save up for, and then enjoy. Luxury is anytime you stop for a second and don't take the things you love, material or otherwise, for granted.

  7. You will, probably, be surprised but at this point in my life "luxury" has very little to do with material things. The more you can indulge yourself, the less you desire expensive things. I would have to think about my personal list of "luxurious things", but from the top of my head:

    -The ability to be with my daughter.
    -To be able to work in my Atelier uninterrupted.
    -My garden in which I spent every morning with my coffee and fashion periodics.
    -The ability to bring my brand to Paris runways...

    To name just a few. Thank you for the wonderful post and beautiful photographs.:-)))

  8. I've enjoyed reading how each of your defined luxury at this time in life :) Luxury, for me, in a word, is travel. The luxury of staying in a beautiful hotel, eating out each day, maid service daily, exploring new places, experiencing new things, getting a view of the world, meeting new people, learning.

    Erica - I was thinking the same thing :)

  9. What a great post - so much food for thought. Traveling came to my mind immediately then I read your comment. I'm with you 100%! I feel incredibly blessed that I get to travel and constantly experience new cultures and places. It's always so great to "meet" a fellow traveler! I think we need to compare notes one of these days! :)

  10. I feel the same as Kat, luxury is wholeheartedly enjoying something...dinner with friends, a piece of jewelry, a bath, a great cup of coffee...(most recently my luxury items were 1) a weekend at a friend's cabin, 2) a surprise anniversary gift from my husband and 3) hiring someone to clean my house during a heatwave)

  11. This is such a lovely post! Luxury for me is so many things, lol... it's hard to choose... time with my boyfriend of course, traveling for sure!, a hotel stay with room service, or a perfectly warm summer day! Oh and sleeping in too!

  12. Ohhh, that's a good one Daniella - sleeping in!

  13. My new Rebecca Minkoff bag (amazing construction- lining, hardware to die for) and the mornings when I bring my 8 month old son to our bed and it's like he has forgotten what my husband looks like after 8 hours of sleep. Pure joy- this time together is definitely luxury to me : )


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