Monday, December 1, 2008

Urban workspace

If you primarily work from home like I do, you will understand the importance of a defined and functional working space. How much space you require and the tasks involved with your personal office will determine your options. Architect Kevin Deevey needed a home work space that could take him away from his modest sized home and 2 small children. Just steps away in his own backyard, Kevin came up with this modern and functional 10 x 10 urban office. It houses his computer, drawing board and any other essentials and looks quite smart with a commercial curtain wall front.

I don't love his interior furnishings and would use the space in a different way, but I like the shell of this little retreat and the concept. When I was shopping in Granville Island, there was an installation right in the village area of about 10 small buildings similar in scale to the one above. I discovered that Emily Carr students had come up their own solution for the homeless population of metro Vancouver. Each group of about 3 students designed and manufactured a small functional home using a limited number of resources and budget. The interiors were furnished with found pieces that offered essential functionality such as a used file cabinet for clothing storage and the like. Each offered a different layout but all were well conceptualized and I applaud their realistic and useful concept.


  1. Hey thanks.
    My wife (and now my kids) call it the "manhut". The intention is to create a dialog with the don't only look from the house to the shed, but vice versa, I spend a lot of time looking back at the house, catching a glimpse of my kids; an occasional wave and funny face. I really love this shed.


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