Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ruth Cross Fashion

Ruth Cross products are very unique and thus desirable, having been conceptualized from old-world methods into a contemporary context. They base their collections on re-thinking the traditional way of hand-knitting and take inspiration from organic forms. They believe in stepping outside of current fashion slightly in order to create special products with a seemingly strong historical aspect, yet with a modern twist; perfect for today. The allure lies in the details and the quality of the products and how they are manufactured. In fact, the company is committed to supporting the British industry and small businesses wherever possible, using the finest lambs-wool from Scotland and British knitters to produce the pieces. The process takes approximately one month to complete each garment, which results in a very limited number per style, each year. In today's economy, I feel it is vital to support the local, small businesses in our communities. This company came to my attention via Blueprint magazine and I believe in its promise. If you would like to read more about them, their practices or view more pieces, click here.


  1. really beautiful and the quality looks really great :D

  2. agreed. Don't you love the hat + belt?

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