Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Butter Baked Goods

Oversized homemade oreo cookies, soft, tasty gingerbread men, and sweetly packaged rich dark drinking chocolate are just a few of the many delicious goodies Butter Baked Goods has to offer. Butter is a quaint little bakery located in Kitsilano’s Dunbar area that has been tastfully decorated in a fanciful, Martha Stewart-esque style complete with soft flowery wallpaper and pastel colors. As I walked into this quaint little shop today I was greeted with friendly service, amazing aromas and a comforting feeling that only a great little shop like this could offer. Did I mention I love their branding? It reminds one of creamy desserts and smooth, sweet batter - very successful. Not only can you purchase goodies from this shop but also at other specialty grocery stores like Urban Fare. Click here to visit their website and view the entire line of treats. (image: Flickr)


  1. i can feel the lard congealing in my body already...bring it on...sweet sweet delicious food ;)

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