Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something Blue

Fashion lovers and followers worldwide will know exactly what shoe this is. They will know who has designed it, which movie is took spotlight in and of course, where to find it...for those who may not know, this is the famous Sex and The City iconic shoe bought by the ultimate fashionista herself, Sarah Jessica Parker. Proudly showcased in the most beautifully designed closet I have ever seen, (thanks to BIG) lies a Manolo Blahnik satin cobalt blue pump with elegant silvertone hardware with crystal broach detail on vamp. 4 1/4" covered heel. Made in Italy, and exclusively available though Neiman Marcus - *sigh* I love beautifully made and designed shoes. My pet peeve is tacky footwear and on a side note I believe that whoever invented Crocs ought to be eaten by one.


  1. GAGAGAGA! i sincerely like the end note, wazaa

  2. HAHA, Shawna and I share the exact same hatred...I also love how she demonstrated hers...

  3. Hahaha omg, "whoever invented crocs should be eaten by one"... too funny!


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