Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Renovated Farmhouse in France

I have grown tired of people claiming that if something is black and/or white or has the Eiffel Tower slapped on it or a Fleur de Lis or two, then it must be "French". Never did I see this in France. In fact, I only saw one piece of black furniture...and it was designed in a super high-gloss and was very modern. This is a falsified identification that North Americans have made up completely on their own...not to say all North Americans, but still, a good amount. If you want to see true French style, look at a French magazine or through the category labeled "Europe" on my site will see what France is really like and how the French effortlessly style, how it seeps through to everything around them...enjoy this beautiful place, a farmhouse, that has been completely restored and respectfully decorated to preserve the beautiful and time worn architecture and compliment it with pleasing touches of modern and classic accents. Divine combination. What a beautiful job they have done. (photos: thank you to

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