Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oliver & Lilly's

Oliver & Lilly's is a lovely new boutique located on South Granville, cozily tucked in from the main road. They have a variety of lines for women and even a few for men, showcased in a comforting and friendly (everyone there is so nice and helpful) environment. They also carry some unique accessories such as adorable crochet covers/jackets for fruit, knit gloves, funky clutches, beautiful candles and one of a kind jewelry. It's all in the little extra comforts and details. I love how tucked in on a shelf you might find something unexpected and non-typical for a store such as a tin pail or a vase, used in such a way as to enhance the just seems to add to the unique ambiance. Tonight I went with my Mom to their private dress party and joined by many enthusiastic women, tried on some really stunning dresses. (more about this later) I had so much fun! We enjoyed wine, delicious food, and the love of fashion. I have to say, this is one of the most wonderful little spots that I have come across in Vancouver.


  1. it must of been so much fun! you have to show me around one day :D

  2. oh anytime! anything for my esther :)


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