Friday, November 14, 2008

The Drawing Room

For those of you who are Audrey Kawasaki fans, (I love her work!) here's some new info. for you. A few nights ago, people were flowing onto the steets, eating, drinking and holding their limited edition prints, in hopes of taking a picture with Audrey on the opening night. She had re-created her working studio in a window display space, in thinkspace to be specific. Naturally, her works sold out instantly. It was, according to Notcot, "like a dreamy lifesize diorama or creative goodness". Setting up and re-creating her workspace only took her a few nights, but the result was huge to those who are eternal fans. (photos care of Notcot and artists own site)


  1. Her work is so beautiful! It was you and David who told me about her and now I'm totally hooked.

  2. specially the naked chicks :P (waiting for Sarah to smack me anytime now) <3


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