Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas Window Displays

One of my favorite pre-Christmas traditions is to go downtown and drive through my favorite streets, each year perpetually filled with anxiety-stricken, yet excited and desperate Christmas shoppers...I look in the windows and see what was created for the Christmas season... yes, a bit cheesy but add a hot chocolate and you've really made my day.

Some stores create simplistic window displays of beautiful pieces that can be found in their store, with a few little extra flourishes that entice the shoppers to step in...other places go all out with man-made snow, trees, ornaments, gifts and the like, and cram the window to it's maximum with "Christmas" - in all it's glory...others create a beautiful fairytale-like scheme, almost theatrical in it's placement of mannequins, creating different scenarios such as Christmas parties, dinners, etc. Here are a few pictures, care of Flickr, showcasing different years and different stores in Canada and the United States. Any thoughts?

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