Sunday, November 16, 2008


Those who know me well know my love for this store. It was on my second trip to New York that I discovered their flagship retail location in Rockefeller Center. It was mid August and fall was fast approaching. What caught my eye was their pretty window display, filled with luxurious and uniquely designed jackets and sweaters, in particular a somewhat iconic warm gray, felt-like sweater with a-symmetrical buttons and an over sized collar. I had to have that sweater. And so began my love for this store. A store that I simultaneously adored and felt inspired by. I appreciate how their design team has a wonderful way of creating displays that are less of a novelty but more about personal discovery. They have a strong eye for craftsmanship, the smallest details, and creating something special. Above is snippets from their winter/holiday collection.


  1. don't you love it? Each year they come up with something delightful!

  2. The first set of images are pretty sick. Love the art direction of the very clean and white background, with the slight wire frames adding a little bit of compliment.


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