Monday, November 24, 2008

10 yrs/10 colors

"Hermès are covering both ends of the automotive spectrum. Their recent interior overhaul of the Bugatti Veyron placed their swish saddlery-style craftsmanship and unique palette into the world's most spectacular supercar.

The latest cross-brand collaboration is somewhat more down to earth. The Smart édition Toile H turns Daimler-Benz's brilliant urban run-around into a truly tactile device, a feast of glove-soft leather and easy-on-the-eye colour schemes.

The idea was the brainchild of French Smart importers Como, currently celebrating the first decade of Paris's largest Smart dealership. Thanks to the hook up with Hermès, the limited edition Smart comes in ten unique colours, ranging from gold and graphite to orange, with matching interior trim and a handy compliment of supplemtary storage pockets. Our favourite feature? The custom umbrella storage, an essential piece of city kit that puts the Smart on a par with cars costing ten times the price." (Wallpaper*)


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