Monday, October 13, 2008

Vera Wang

Anyone who knows me knows my love of ribbon. If you have ever received a gift from me, you know that it has most likely taken me quite some time to invent wrapping or I have done up the gift with ribbon, with great care.

"Monahan & Rhee has designed a packaging program for the Ready-to-Wear Jewelry collection of Vera Wang. Scheduled to launch this fall in Vera Wang’s new SoHo storefront on Mercer Street, the jewelry is created from a variety of unconventional elements, including antiques crystals, metals, metallized fabrics, leathers, linen, and satin:

The packaging derives its inspiration from the fashion designer’s history of using ribbons and bows in unusual forms in her legendary wedding gowns. For the packaging system, Monahan & Rhee developed a new production technique to integrate the ribbon and bow directly into the boxes, enabling them to function simultaneously as brand identifier, adornment, and carrying handles."


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