Monday, October 20, 2008

Rebecca Turbow

"Safe Clothes" is a mod line of women's clothing created by Rebecca Turbow, who resides in New York city. Soft and sturdy fabrics combined with clean, geometric lines defines and sets her style apart. The name "Safe Clothes" came from her own realization that she can make her customers feel more safe and secure simply through the way she designs her apparel and the fabrics in which she chooses to work with. In particular, she hopes people to feel emotionally and physically secure when they sport her clothing. This is an interesting concept, somewhat a different take on inspiration for fashion than from what I've typically seen. However, I see it and would love to own one of her unique pieces one day.


  1. Hi
    I like ur blog. it looks very cool.
    good luck

  2. Thanks so much,leave me a comment anytime :)

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