Friday, October 31, 2008

Fancy a Snog?

Snog, an intimate and cheerful little shop, serves delicious and healthy treats...not ice cream, but frozen yogurt. They stress fresh and healthy ingredients and constant development of their products to ensure satisfaction. Snog promotes positive feelings and emotions by serving healthy treats in an inspiring environment. "We are all about health, individuality and people". Fresh, non-fat yogurt and no artificial sweeteners are just a few of the factors that set their products apart. They have 15 flavors total, including delicious green tea.


  1. jeebuss! everyone is on the frozen yogurt craze! i love this! lets go get snogs!

  2. Snog is in London, opening their second location soon, also in London.
    NYC would be a great idea for their third!

  3. Wow, cute lil shop... No way it's opening in Indonesia :p Too bad...


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