Thursday, August 7, 2008

My special birthday

I feel so loved! My wonderful David had a beautiful, custom cake made just for me! He knows me so well it's crazy -it's a Tiffany's blue box cake. I absolutely LOVE Tiffany & Co. Not simply because of the blue box itself, it's color or it's reference to my very favorite actress, but because of the feeling/atmosphere and special-ness of the store and the beautiful jewelry they sell. On top of that, he bought me beautiful, black patent Michael Kors flats (very comfortable) and a sophisticated gradient gray patent Nine West Handbag with huge buttons....

I am going to send a nice thank you card to the talented Marga from Ideastream, who expertly made my cake...which I want to eat, but don't want to destroy ;)


  1. my mouth is open and no words are coming out (except the ones im typing)

  2. I'm glad you loved all your gifts + cake :)


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